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Apply for the workshop 2019!

At a place, which like no other stands for the exchange of thoughts, culture and the European ideal, the superior international Chamber Music Workshop with its festival flair will celebrate its fifth anniversary in Krzyżowa (Lower Silesia): Krzyżowa-Music.


From August 18th to September 1st 2019, In the heart of Europe, in the Polish village of Krzyżowa, where many different threads of European history run together, some of the most internationally acclaimed musicians of our time will live, practice and perform together with selected young and highly talented musicians "Juniors" who may go on to define the European classical music scene of tomorrow.

Krzyżowa will offer room for a the collaboration between Seniors and Juniors and create a creative clash of long-term experience and unobstructed young ingenuity. Two aims define this highly selective workshop: to deepen the understanding of each studied piece in a casual, unhurried atmosphere as well as to develop the programme for the Krzyżowa-Music Summer Concerts and Late-Summer Tour.

Rising Stars: The Krzyżowa-Music Juniors
Krzyżowa-Music invites more 38 carefully selected aspiring musicians (Juniors) to spend two to three weeks of the summer in the rural seclusion of Krzyżowa, together with some of the most sought-after, educationally experienced musicians (Seniors) from around the world. In a casual yet concentrated atmosphere, they work together, learn together, share their generational experiences as well as perform together.

Selection of Juniors
Juniors will be selected by a jury of Seniors after their application. A repeated participation in the festival will be possible for high promising Juniors. For an unproblematic participance, the musicians will be provided with scholarships.

Time period
The Krzyżowa-Music-Workshop will take place 11th August to 26th August 2018 for the third time, with Summer Concerts in Lower Silesia. In September, selected musicians of the workshop will start a Late-Summer Tour through Poland and Europe.

The application process for season 2019 has been opened in November 2018 and will be closed by 15th of January 2019. Please apply here: Online Application 
For more information please contact: application [at] krzyzowa-music.eu.

Repertoire required
Please include one piece from the classical period to your soundsamples this year.

We are looking forward to your application here!