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Wrocław: The National Forum of Music

Ever since 2015, fine acoustics and modern achitecture work together here - musicians and audience love the new transparency and balance of the sound in this fine concert hall.

The new National Forum of Music in Wrocław with its four impeccable concert halls, numerous rehearsal rooms and multiple-use spaces was designed  by Kuryłowicz & Associates. The buero was inspired by the forms and colours of musical instruments. Today, the interior reminds of a piano, the exterior looks like a bow instrument and the New York company “Arup“ is responsible for the acoustics. Krzyżowa-Music will play in the futuristic chamber music hall, which is called the “Red Hall“.

How to find the National Forum of Music in Wrocław:

Adresse: plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław (Breslau), Polen