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Those were the musicians 2018

August 2018: for the fourth time a number of internationally renowned and important musicians of our time met once more carefully selected young aspiring musicians of the European classic scene in the rural seclusion of Krzyżowa (erstwhile Kreisau). From a large number of impressively high qualified applicants the jury had selected the Juniors who worked together with the faculty of Seniors in a very concentrated atmosphere.

The 10 Krzyżowa-Music Seniors and the 5 mentors belong to the most sought after musicians of all music centers worldwide, performing as soloists as well as being educationally experienced musicians. Under the artistic leadership of Viviane Hagner the experienced musicians, the Seniors, met 36 highly qualified young colleagues, the Krzyżowa-Music Juniors, for two weeks. They exchanged experiences across generations, rehearsed and presented the results in 8 concerts and on a tour. Thus, Krzyżowa-Music enabled intergenerational musical exchange and performing in 12 concerts.

Musicians taking part in the Krzyżowa-Music Season 2018:

Jamie Bergin, Adam Golka, Julia Hamos, Edward Leung, Nils Liepe, Matthias Kirschnereit, Yannick Rafalimanana, Annika Treutler

Kolja Blacher, Luosha Fang, Magdalena Filipczak, Francisco Fullana, Brandon Garbot, Saschka Haberl, Franziska Hölscher, Viviane Hagner, Katharina Kang, Usha Kapoor, Mari Lee, Shannon Lee, Niklas Liepe, Olivier Robin, Valentin Şerban, Rafał Zambrzycky-Payne

Karolina Errera, Luosha Fang, Volker Jacobsen, Katharina Kang, Nilay Özdemir, Daniel Orsen, Mathis Rochat, Anna-Maria Wünsch

Guillaume Artus, Claudio Bohórquez, Ari Evan, Joshua Halpern, Konstantin Heidrich, Anastasia Kobekina, Tony Rymer, Alexey Stadler

Double Bass
Piotr Zimnik

Jennyfer Fouani, Jelka Weber

Pablo Barragán, Andrzej Ciepliński, Clemens Trautmann

Barbara Stegemann

Wojciech Motyl

French Horn 
Cristiana Neves Custódio, Sibylle Mahni

Elsie Bedleem