• Krzyzowa_Musicians2016

Musicians 2016

Krzyżowa-Music invites this year 37 carefully selected young musicians to spend over two weeks of the summer in the rural seclusion of Krzyżowa, together with some of the most sought-after, educationally experienced musicians from around the world. In a casual yet concentrated atmosphere, they will work together, learn together, share their generational experiences as well as perform together. The selection for this year’s edition was completed in February. We present the list of participants below.

Gabriele Carcano, Adam Golka, Krzysztof Jablonski, Veronica Jochum von Moltke, Nils Liepe, Mishka Momen, Yannick Rafalimanana, Annika Treutler, Nicolas van Poucke

Ari Boutris, Maia Cabeza, Francisco Fullana, Magdalena Filipczak, Ania Filochowska, Viviane Hagner, Miriam Helms Ålien, Mari Lee, Niklas Liepe, Judith Stapf, Stephen Waarts

Christian Euler, Karolina Errera, Kevin Hsu, Volker Jacobsen, Eleanor Kendra James, Georgy Kovalev, Arianna Smith

Claudio Bohórquez, Marie-Elisabeth Hecker, Laura van der Heijden, Andrei Ioniţă, Maciej Kułakowski, Nadja Reich, Zusanna Sosnowska, Ildikó Szabó, Torleif Thedéen, Barbara Warchalewska, Julia Yang

Double Bass 
Daniel Pytel

Jennyfer Fouani

Daniel Rodríguez Agúndez

Narek Arutyunian, Pablo Barragán, Charles Neidich, Clemens Trautmann

Marcin Orliński

French Horn
Magdalena Ernst, Sibylle Mahni

Guest of Honour
Alfred Brendel