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Review: Musicians 2017

In Summer 2017, Krzyżowa-Music welcomed again in Krzyżowa young, aspiring musicians and internationally acclaimed artists to live, to rehearse and to take part in performances together. We are more than happy that we have met a new impressive record of applications of young musicians from all over the world for that highly selective chamber music workshop. Beginning of 2017, the jury has selected 37 junior musicians for Krzyżowa-Music 2017 meeting 14 of the most sought-after,

educationally experienced musicians from around the world such as Jacques Ammon, Shmuel Ashkenasi (former member of the "Vermeer Quartet"), Jean-Efflam Bavouzet, Andrei Bielow, Krzysztof Chorzelski ("Belcea Quartet"), Viviane Hagner, Veronica Jochum von Moltke, Midori, Andreas Reiner (former "Rosamunde Quartett"), Eckart Runge ("Artemis Quartet"), Erik Schumann, Judith Serkin, Clemens Trautmann and Sasha Zemtsov.

In the rural seclusion of Krzyżowa, the junior musicians spent over two weeks of the summer together with the senior musicians in a casual yet concentrated atmosphere. They worked together, learned together, shared their generational experiences as well as performed together in 9 concerts. The selection for this year’s edition is presented in the list of participants below:

Jacques Ammon, Jean-Efflam Bavouzet, Jamie Bergin, Adam Golka, Julia Kociuban, Edward Leung, Veronica Jochum von Moltke, Mishka Momen, Yannick Rafalimanana

Shmuel Ashkenasi, Ania Filochowska, Luosha Fang, Brandon Garbot, Savitri Grier, Saschka Haberl, Viviane Hagner, Miriam Helms-Ålien, Katharina Kang, Usha Kapoor, Shannon Lee, Midori, Andreas Reiner, Ken Schumann, Erik Schumann, Stephen Waarts

Krzysztof Chorzelski, Karolina Errera, Luosha Fang, Katharina Kang, Nilay Özdemir, Liisa Randalu, Anna- Maria Wünsch, Alexander Zemtsov, Zhanbo Zheng

Mateusz Paweł Kaminski, Dora Kokas, Maciej Kułakowski, Ella van Poucke, Nadja Reich, Eckart Runge, Tony Rymer, Mark Schumann, Judith Serkin, Alexey Stadler, Julia Yang

Double bass 
Piotr Zimnik

Jennyfer Fouani 

Pablo Barragán, Ran Kampel, Charles Neidich, Clemens Trautmann

Wojciech Motyl

French Horn 
Maciej Baranowski