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Our inspiration: From Eugenie Schwarzwald to Krzyżowa-Music

Krzyżowa: An inspiring place for music

Here, in Krzyżowa, formerly Kreisau, on the estate of Freya and Helmuth James von Moltke, a civilian resistance group planned for a peaceful and democratic Europe without borders in 1942-43. They had been inspired by the creative and inclusive teachings of the educational reformer and philanthropist Eugenie Schwarzwald and her Vienna circle. Germany and Poland recognised the historical significance of Krzyżowa by choosing to celebrate their Mass of Reconciliation here in November 1989.

Since the Revolutions of 1989, Poles and Germans have jointly operated a European youth meeting centre in Krzyżowa. The combination of Krzyżowa’s history and its present role make this place particularly well-suited to host a chamber music workshop that aims to include many different countries.

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